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I research and write about how to make better decisions, have a clearer mind, be more productive and creative.

However most of my time goes into building a new kind of knowledge tool for better thinking and problem-solving.

Also every-one-in-a-while I send out a digital subscription box of mental models, frameworks, tools, and tactics so you can upgrade your mindware and leverage your thinking.

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The Story

How I got from reading minds for a living to building software that advances human thinking.


From mind reader to mind builder.

I have worked as a psychological illusionist for over 15 years.

Being a modern-day mind reader your job is to understand people. How they think and act so you can find patterns, cognitive fallacies, and use various psychological techniques to create the illusion of reading somebody’s thoughts, influencing their choices, and predicting the future.

This got me fascinated with how the mind works in general and how to make the most out of it. After all, it’s our greatest asset so why shouldn’t we obsess over optimizing it?

In school we learn a variety of different subjects, but not how to think clearly, solve problems, or make quality decisions. This is the foundation of how our lives will play out. Important, don’t you say?

Our societies pay enormous attention to the results of good thinking, but very little to their genesis. The purpose of this site is to fill in this gap so we can build better minds and futures for ourselves and the ones we love.


How my work will benefit you?

Where you are in life right now is closely related to how you think. We are facing all kinds of problems every day and thinking is a tool for problem-solving. If we become better thinkers we can find more creative solutions for our challenges and see growth in every aspect of our lives.

My writing focuses on topics like:

  • How to think more clearly and creatively
  • How to make good decisions and avoid bad ones
  • How to create better systems and processes

I also create “Mind Studies” to find out patterns and mental models about how the most successful and creative people think.

Most of all, I write about how to put these ideas into practice in daily life.


Letter for the mind.

As an autodidact, I learn by myself. Usually, when I get curious about something I find the best books on the topic, make myself familiar with the first principles and history of the subject, what are the current practices and discussion as well predictions for the future. Then I run experiments and try it out on myself to arrive at a deeper understanding.

I share my learnings in an “every-one-in-a-while” digital subscription box of mental models, frameworks, tools, and tactics.

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Software for thinking.

The fundamental way humans think hasn’t really changed in the last couple of thousand years. The foundation for thinking has stayed the same and our ancestors thought processes were basically identical to yours and mine.

Nevertheless thinking has gotten us to where we are today. From fighting with sticks and stones to smartphones, artificial intelligence, and launching reusable rockets with the mission of becoming a space faring civilization.

It’s the cornerstone of our species and the greatest tool at our hands (well technically our brains and bodies). But is it possible for humans to become even better thinkers? To leverage our minds so we can solve harder problems, and create a better future for ourselves and the planet?

This is an idea that I have been passionate about for years.

There isn’t much we can do on the hardware side of things, but the software that runs our lives can be optimized significantly to advance the quality of thinking, decision making, and problem-solving.

This is why I started a company called ReInsight with the vision of bringing together cognitive psychology and neurology with software and design to build a new kind of tool for thought.

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