Everyone loves a good Top 10 list. We see them in magazines, scroll through them on blogs and usually chuckle when  serve up a satirical top ten.

Listicles provide a punchy way to assemble information in an easy-to-read article format. We asked writers and editors what makes a listicle work, why audiences can’t get enough of them and how to craft one.

Sometimes starting out by jotting down the five, eight, 10 or 15 points is a good start to help get your creative juices flowing. She says writers can branch out on ideas by drawing a diagram to help visualize the piece. “Then, create specific and value-laden points and go back and edit each to make your points impactful with as few words as possible,” says Derbabian.

Good Top 10 lists have topically relevant tidbits in the teaser copy or subheadings to lure in the reader, while the paragraph elaborates on the individual topic, Spano adds. The key is to keep things concise, she notes.